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Cyclone Mk2 / 15000w Ludicrous+

Cyclone Mk2 / 15000w Ludicrous+

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Riding Package

Embark on a journey of pure dominance with the Cyclone 15000W Ludicrous+ e-bike. Unleash an astonishing power level as you conquer any road or trail. This e-bike redefines what's possible, offering an adrenaline-packed adventure and setting a new standard in the electric bike industry.

Bike Specifications

Battery & Charging:

Battery: 72v 50Ah | 3600Wh


Rider Aids:

  • Regenerative braking
  • E-brake

Charger: 10A Charger

Range: 50 miles (using throttle only) 100+ (using PAS)



Motor: 15,000w

Motor Types:

  • 3.5T (top speed motor)
  • 4T (speed and torque motor)
  • 5T (high torque motor)


  • With 3.5T: 200 nm
  • With 4T: 240 nm
  • With 5T: 280 nm

Max Speed: 


  • With 3.5T: 85 mph
  • With 4T: 70 mph
  • With 5T: 55 mph

Motor Types:

  • 3.5T (top speed motor)
  • 4T (speed and torque motor)
  • 5T (high torque motor)


Brakes & Suspension:



Brakes: Motorcycle front and rear 4-piston brakes and rotors


  • Front: Motorcycle dual crown inverted forks
  • Rear: DNM monoshock


All-Terrain Tires:

  • Front: Motorcycle 80-19
  • Rear: Motorcycle 80-19

Riding Packages:

Off-road Package: Front light and F/R fender

Street Package: F/R lights, turn signals, mirrors, F/R fenders, and a horn

Safety & Display:

Safety Features: Anti-theft alarm system

Display: LED (Speedometer, battery percentage, trip meter, odometer)


Front: LED

Rear: LED

Turn Signals: LED

Build & Dimensions:

Frame Material: Aluminum

Weight: 155 lbs

Recommended Rider Height:



Rider Weight Limit: 500 lbs

Seat Height: 33 inches

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