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Riding Experience


We've passionately crafted the E-BMX Volt, the pioneering electric mid-drive freestyle BMX bike, to redefine the boundaries of fun and excitement. With each throttle push, you'll feel the immense torque made possible only by a mid-drive motor.

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While our primary goal was to ensure that the E-BMX Volt maintains an impressively lightweight design at just 40 lbs, our focus was also to empower riders with unwavering confidence to fully immerse themselves in the riding experience, rather than being preoccupied with range concerns. Setting itself apart from other electric BMX bikes available, our model features a powerful, long-lasting 52V 10Ah battery, offering unparalleled freedom to explore and ride without limitations.

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charge your phone on the go

Removable Battery

The E-BMX Volt features a removable battery, providing the flexibility of being able to charge it wherever and whenever. Additionally, this versatile battery can also be used to charge your phone on the go. It's the perfect choice for urban commuting and outdoor adventures.

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